Philip J. Waters

Philip J. Waters

Author - Screenwriter

Philip J. Waters was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania. From a very early age, he had a vivid imagination; he loved to watch cartoons and study the characters. This fascination continued into his teenage years with a variety of different television shows and continued through adulthood with a myriad of different movie genres. His world was coming alive with the exposure to such a multitude of stories. As time passed, life changed for Philip, as it does with all of us. He experienced the harsh reality of failed relationships and deep sadness that came with the loss of his father. A life that once felt whole, was now in pieces.

He was existing in this world, not living a life in it. But soon Philip realized that this heartbreak was a season that he must weather, and with the help of his faith, he was drawn to follow his passion once more. He began writing his first screenplay, EVIL DAYS, and for the first time, was finally at peace with what he was being called to do. One autumn morning, he was attending church and heard a sermon from his brother, Pastor Alonzo Waters. This message would change the course of his life forever.

The instruction from the Holy Spirit, Philip, was being called to turn his screenplay into a book to be published. With this new understanding, author Philip J. Waters is proud to announce his first of many books to be released beginning with his debut suspense fiction novel, EVIL DAYS. That is now on sale in HARDCOVER, PAPERBACK, and EBOOK formats at online retailers AMAZON – BARNES & NOBLE – APPLE BOOKS – GOOGLE PLAY and KOBO. Simply click the above tab (BUY EVIL DAYS BOOK) to buy yourself a copy of the novel EVIL DAYS, from the retailer of your choice.

JOHN 3:16