Philip J. Waters



A born native of New Castle, Pennsylvania, Philip J. Waters grew up in the city. In his childhood, he had a vivid imagination; he loved watching cartoons and examining the characters. Throughout his teenage years, Philip watched various television shows; throughout his adulthood, he watched thousands of movies. Experiencing such a wide variety of stories brought his world to life. As time passed, life changed for Philip, as it does for all of us. He experienced the harsh reality of failed relationships and the deep sadness of losing loved ones. A life that once felt whole was now in pieces. But soon, Philip realized that this heartbreak was a season that he must weather. Upon starting to write his first screenplay, Evil Days, he felt at peace for the first time. Then one autumn Sunday morning, Philip attended Fresh Wind Ministries INT, a church where his brother Pastor Alonzo Waters operates in Philip’s hometown of New Castle, Pennsylvania. Philip received a message that would change his life forever. The Holy Spirit told Philip to turn his screenplays into books and publish them. With this new understanding, he proudly announces his first three books, Lucifer Son of the Morning, Evil Days, and 1888. Philip J. Waters Publishing will distribute these books. And Philip’s screenplays through his film company, No Bull Films.